Awards & Honors

The Stargazer staff participates in annual contests and competitions for feedback on their skills and recognition of our work in journalism.

IJEA All-State Recognition

2021: Caroline Look

2019: Johanna Stephens

2018: Claire Drewes

IHSA State Qualifiers

Addie Grimm: Headline Writing
Caroline Look: Yearbook Caption Writing
Bridget Nelis: News Writing
Laure Schulders: Sports Writing
Madeline Tiedt: Yearbook Copy Writing

Michelle Alemu: Editorial Writing
Ashriel Del Rosario: Photo Storytelling
Caroline Look: Yearbook Caption Writing
Anthony Spizziri: Sports Writing (4th at State Finals)
Johanna Stephens: Headline Writing (6th at State Finals)
Madeline Tiedt: Copy Writing

Claire Drewes: Yearbook Copy Writing (4th at State Finals)
Meredith Reber: Editorial Writing
Ashley Zima: Newspaper Design (4th at State Finals); Yearbook Layout: Double-Page Spread

Claire Drewes: News Writing
Lena Kabeshita: Photo Storytelling
Christy Koonce: Yearbook Caption Writing (6th at State Finals)
Meredith Reber: Editorial Writing

Shayne Chammavanijakul: Newspaper Design (State Champion); Feature Writing
Jillian Stephens: Copy Editing

Katlyn Bolf: Sports Writing
Kit Fahey: Feature Writing

ASPA Recognition

 2019-2020: Second Place Award

NISPA Recognition

Web Contest: Silver Certificate
Blue Ribbon Award: Bridget Nelis, Column Writing
Blue Ribbon Award: Editorial Staff (Caroline Look, Madeline Tiedt, Paige Maki, Bridget Nelis, Kae Kelly, Addie Grimm), Editorial Writing
Honorable Mention: Kae Kelly, Feature Writing
Honorable Mention: Laure Schulders, Graphics
Honorable Mention: Caroline Look, Individual In-Depth

Newspaper Contest:
Silver Certificate
Blue Ribbon Award: Caroline Look, Column Writing
Honorable Mention: Ryan Halston, Review Writing
Honorable Mention: Kae Kelly, News Writing
Honorable Mention: Kavin Thakkar, Graphics


Tom Gebhardt Scholarship Recipient: Joe Duhownik
Newspaper Contest:
Bronze Certificate
Blue Ribbon Award: Editorial Writing, Joe Duhownik, Michelle Alemu, Anthony Spizziri, Johanna Stephens
Blue Ribbon Award: Team In-Depth, Johanna Stephens, Michelle Alemu, Joe Duhownik, Anthony Spizziri
Blue Ribbon Award: Photography, Ashriel DelRosario


Newspaper Contest: Bronze Certificate
Honorable Mention: Claire Drewes, Review Writing
Honorable Mention: Meredith Reber & Johanna Stephens, News Writing

Honorable Mention:
Jonah Nink, Column/Blog Writing

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Awards & Honors