Blue Fan Group Creates Socially-Distanced School Spirit


Blue Fan Group

Blue Fan Group spreads the word about spirit days through their Twitter account.

Laure Schulders and Alana King

Blue Fan Group is a club that’s all about North pride and school spirit. They lead cheering sections, plan spirit events and work to support clubs and teams. This year, all that has changed with COVID-19.

Normally, Blue Fan Group would start the year off with the football season, taking charge of the bleachers.

“In the stands, we have our music, we’re handing out all sorts of different items from bandanas to beads to clackers,” said Carrie Lafreniere, adviser for Blue Fan Group. They also have a spirit theme for each game, such as a Camo Day.

However, this year, none of that is possible due to safety restrictions and the postponement of many big sporting events. 

“It’s hard because we can’t actually go see the games,” said Mary Fredericksen, senior member of Blue Fan Group. Instead, the club has had to get creative with ways to spread school spirit.

“This year, we are hosting weekly spirit weeks,” said Lafreniere. Spirit Days were Wednesday and Friday so both A and B students could participate during hybrid learning days. 

School members are currently encouraged to share their school spirit during remote learning on #rollstarsonremote. During remote learning, Spirit Days will be held on Fridays and themes are posted on the club’s Twitter page.

Themes are chosen “based on the time of year” according to Fredericksen. This was seen with costumes on Halloween. They’re also planning ugly sweaters before Winter Break.

“We promote that mostly through Twitter,” said Lafreniere. Social media has played an important role in spreading the word about planned spirit events. You can follow them at @bluefangroup on Twitter. Emails are also sent to the entire staff. 

“We can all see the community come together and promote these themes,” said Fredericksen, explaining another benefit of social media.

This year has also brought an unexpected positive for Blue Fan Group.

“I have actually seen an increase in our club numbers,” said Lafreniere. More students from many grades bring new ideas to the table about what school spirit could look like.

“It’s been such an awakening to actually get into school and get into the spirit and want to be there now,” said Fredericksen.