Reflection: North Stars Reflect On The One-Year Anniversary of COVID-19

Friday, March 13, 2020 was when North Stars were told that school would be canceled for two weeks. Now, a year after that initial announcement, North Stars are still grappling with the pandemic. Today, 364 days prior to that news, teachers and students reflect on their past year.

Two additional entries are from Sally Vincent, Art teacher, and Wally DelaPaz, freshman.

Vincent wrote, “It was overwhelming not knowing the length of time this pandemic would affect us as teachers, students and a community.
Clearly we have embraced this challenge with all of our resources and have provided and continue to provide student engagement and learning
through adaptation, persistence and personal connection. A Victory for the North Star community.”

DelaPaz wrote, “On March 12, 2020, I just remember I was at school in the pod and we were told to go pack out stuff early since COVID had started; we left around 2;30 instead at 3;30. I felt dizzy throughout those whole last hours of school then I went home and remember we had a game against our rivals, but since it got canceled we never played them. So then I just got home and went straight to bed for 4 hours straight. Then we celebrated my grandpa’s birthday.”