Fundraisers Return, Raising Money for North Programs


Laure Schulders

Music students line up to pick up the cheesecakes they sold

Laure Schulders

Clubs, sports and departments at North host a variety of fundraisers to raise money by selling goods or campaigning for donations, creating community opportunities in the process.

One well-established fundraiser at North has been the cheesecake fundraiser, hosted by the SCN Friends of Music, a booster group. 

“The cheesecake fundraiser is a way for our boosters and the music department to raise extra funds,” said Andrew Masters, music teacher. Money raised goes towards buying instruments, hosting special guests, funding trips and other music opportunities.

Students are asked to sell five cheesecakes each, or raise $35 in donations, as around $7 of each cheesecake sold goes to SCN Friends of Music. 

“Over 700 cheesecakes were sold so we’re thankful for a great fundraiser,” said Aubrey Triplett, volunteer for SCN Friends of Music.

Another fundraiser at North that ran its fifth year on Oct. 24 has been the Mattress Sale put on by the Baseball Team and Business Program. 

“It actually happened because Mr. Haftl, one of the business teachers, is also a baseball coach,” said Mike Horn, DECA adviser. DECA also reached out to other clubs to invite them to join the mattress sale.

Signs were put up advertising the mattress sale (Laure Schulders)

Together, the programs partnered with an outside company to host a one-day mattress sale. 

“They simply set up inside of a school like in the gym, or the cafeteria, then they make a makeshift store for the day and they have a one-day mattress sale,” said Horn.

A portion of the proceeds go to the clubs; however, referrals allow students to raise additional funds.

“The company provides the students with physical fliers. If they go out, pass those out, they will have their name on it,” said Horn. 

When a customer presents a student’s flier, the student will also receive additional credit, which can go towards any fees related to the club.

During this sale, mattresses are sold under retail value. This provides community members with the opportunity to save money and support their community at the same time.


However, due to lower sales this year and the high effort needed to run the mattress sale, Horn has explored other fundraiser options, such as online popcorn sales.

“You can order those treats or those popcorn bags online, and they’re just delivered to your house,” said Horn, highlighting the convenience with busy schedules and the pandemic.

With the popcorn sale being planned for December, fundraisers are often scheduled around the holiday season.

“It’s an easy gift to check off your list and support the school at the same time,” said Triplett.

Fundraisers also provide students with the opportunity to directly contribute to the programs they are passionate about.

“I think this will definitely be really beneficial, just supporting our staff and music department. I just think this is honestly a really great thing to do, and I’m glad to have supported this,” said Anna Gagne, freshman member of the music department.