Feminist Club Knits Roses For Those In Need


Tyler Moore

Feminist Club strives to make a positive difference in the community.

Tyler Moore

The SCN Feminist Club is selling knitted roses as a fundraiser on the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. The club will be selling the roses for $3 each in the main foyer before school Feb. 10, 11 and 14.

Money raised will be donated to Lazarus House, a local nonprofit that provides shelter, food, and support for people in need in the Kane County area.

“We are in contact with [Lazarus House], and we are hoping it can be put towards period products and providing things like pads and tampons to people in need in our community,” said Ella Roth, junior and head organizer of the project.

Some members of the club have experience knitting, so they decided to put their skills and effort towards charity.

“I’ve been knitting for about eight years, so knitting is something I’m comfortable with, but the fundraising is something new,” said Roth.

The club has been knitting roses since November. They challenged themselves to make as many roses as possible.

Roth works on knitting a flower (Tyler Moore)

“In order to make sure we had plenty of roses to sell, we had a competition from the start of winter break until our first meeting back in January, so we had over a month to knit as many roses as possible. Just from that competition we made 120 roses,” said Roth.

Feminist Club hopes to make enough money from the fundraiser to make a difference for members of the community.

“We hope to sell all of the roses that we’ve made. That will give us anywhere between $200 to $400 and that will provide a lot for people who don’t have period products,” said Roth.

The club plans to have other fundraisers in the future. This includes possibly having year-round knitting projects. 

“We are hoping we can take this a step further and almost have a fundraiser or some sort of knitting project going throughout the year, something all year round where we can be knitting towards some sort of cause whether it be selling our product or donating something directly that could be helpful to people in our community,” said Roth. 

Feminist Club is a pilot club at North that seeks to promote gender equality. Anyone interested in joining Feminist Club should contact club co-presidents, Azul Canon and Sophia Gallentine.