Siblings Playing Together On Both Of North’s Basketball Teams

Erin Stack(23) and Katrina Stack(22) talk with their coach during a game.

Julia Ptasznik

Erin Stack(23) and Katrina Stack(22) talk with their coach during a game.

Jamie Cahill, Staff Writer

This year North has seen something extraordinary with two sets of siblings playing on their respective basketball teams. Senior Erin Stack and sophomore Katrina Stack both play on the varsity girls basketball team while seniors Max and Jude Love both play on the varsity boys basketball team. 

Erin says that she and her sister come from a family where basketball has always been played throughout their childhood.

As for Max and Jude, both grew up in Chicago playing basketball, and they have always loved to compete with each other. 

“I would say it’s definitely more fun cause you kind of trust them more cause you know what’s going to happen and what to expect,” says Max. 

The boys basketball team works on their shooting during practice. (Bridget Nelis)

Varsity boys basketball coach Tom Poulin has appreciated having Max and Jude on the team for the past three years. 

“It’s great, and they’re really great teammates for the basketball team but also they’re just good people which is what you want in your program,” said Poulin. “I really wish that we had more time together, and I can’t believe that they’re seniors already.” 

The siblings have enjoyed playing basketball with their siblings over the years and will miss it next year as Max, Jude, and Erin graduate and Katrina continues her North career.

“It will be a lot different without her, especially with her being one of the main players on our team, and having so much influence on everybody and her being captain. She really was just like a lead to our team so it’s going to be weird without her,” said Katrina.