Wednesday Night Tutoring Offers In-Person and Remote Tutoring Options


Tyler Moore

An NHS tutor helps a student with grammar on Wednesday night Peer Tutoring.

Tyler Moore, Staff Writer

Peer Tutoring has returned to in-person tutoring in the LRC after being remote since last school year. Peer Tutoring offers tutoring options for students every Wednesday in the LRC from 6-8 p.m.

After returning to in-person tutoring on March 2, Peer Tutoring now offers both in-person and remote options. Peer Tutoring can be accessed online using the Google Meet code “peertutoringscn.”

“Most of our students as of late have been coming in person but we still have a few people who have been logging in online,” said Scott Von Essen, Peer Tutoring adviser. 

At Peer Tutoring, the National Honor Society helps students with homework, studying and whatever else they may need to be successful in school. NHS tutors offer help to students with any subject they need. There are usually around seven NHS tutors at each Peer Tutoring session. 

Students may also attend Peer Tutoring without necessarily being tutored by an NHS member.

“We also have students come out to have a quiet place to work,” said Von Essen. “They come here because they know they’re going to be more focused and they’re going to have someone like me checking in with them every twenty minutes to make sure they are making progress and seeing if they do need any support.”

Students attending Peer Tutoring can choose to stay as long as they would like and may receive tutoring on any subjects that they wish. 

“Whether you want to stay for half an hour or if you want to stay for the full two hours, it’s totally up to you,” said senior Megan McGuire, NHS tutor.

Due to the pandemic, Peer Tutoring had to be moved completely online using Google Meet last year. While the service continued to operate, fewer students attended it. 

On Mar. 2, Peer Tutoring shifted back to in-person tutoring while continuing to provide an online option for students. Since then, there has been a gradual increase of students attending Peer Tutoring. 

“We have been on the rise each week since we’ve come back in person,” said Von Essen. 

Attending online can continue to offer a convenient alternative for students.

“A lot of people enjoy having that online option just because they don’t have to come all the way to school,” said McGuire.

Peer Tutoring attendance is often also affected by the calendar, as the service sees higher attendance closer to finals and other large academic events. Having days off or an upcoming break may also affect how many students need academic help.

According to Von Essen, returning to in-person tutoring has allowed for more connection between students.

“When I think of learning, this is what I think of,” said Von Essen. “I think of people working together to build understanding and sharing time and space to help one another out.”

Students can attend Peer Tutoring in the LRC every Wednesday from 6-8 p.m. They can also attend online using the Google Meet, “peertutoringscn” during the same time.