“The Batman” Movie Review


Bridget Nelis

Batman has gone through many iterations throughout his life.

Jackson Maidy, Staff Writer

Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” is the story of Batman’s second year of crime, and in this story he goes up against the Riddler, a very mysterious villain with a knack for making riddles in order to solve puzzles that lead to his next crime. Starring Robert Pattinson as Batman, Batman with the help of his butler Alfred, lieutenant Gordon, and the infamous cat burglar known as Catwoman, track the Riddler throughout the movie.

The story in general is thrilling and at the end of each scene you want to know what’s next or what’s about to happen. Every moment of the film is full of riddles which lead to more riddles and a bunch of action.

Batman in this film is much more of an emotionless horror, and in his early years, in his career, no one knows if he is a man or a monster, whether he can fly, or whether he comes out of the shadows. One of the parts of the movie that works really well is the idea that Batman isn’t who we know him to be from past movies. He isn’t a dark knight of justice and hope, but a beacon of vengeance amongst the city of Gotham, violent and unhinged by the law. We also get to see much more of his detective skills at play, as the Riddler is all about solving mysteries and using your brain. 

Another amazing part of this movie is that there are no superpowered villains or heroes, just people, and every amazing feat is performed using modern tech and abilities that makes the movie seem realistic and more plausible. Throughout the movie, Batman is questioning his work as Batman and he really wonders what he is doing in the city and if the city is worth saving. 

Though we’ve seen all of these  characters on screen before, it should be noted that the newest iteration of Alfred is one of the best yet. Andy Serkis, who plays Alfred Pennyworth, has played multiple roles in huge movie franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel’s “Black Panther”, and Golem in “The Lord of The Rings”. His acting was astounding, making you really feel his concern for Bruce Wayne. Alfred is like a father figure in the story, though we don’t get to see Bruce say that to Alfred until the very end. Nonetheless, the scene is heartwarming and really goes to show how close Alfred and Bruce are and how Alfred is more than a butler; he is a part of the Wayne family. 

In the end, this movie is a great edition to the Batman franchise, and is one of the best films of the year, with each scene having its own moments, and every character being equally interesting in their interactions with Batman.