Prom Plans Adjust for Unexpected Attendance


Student Council

The prom website has been updated with the most recent information for guests.

On April 30th, North’s 2022 prom, themed “Under the Stars,” will be held at the Q Center and is expected to have the most guests since 2007.

“The predicted turnout right now is 710 students for prom,” said Katie Dickson, class of 2023 Student Council adviser. “Typically, the most students we have is 500-550. This is almost 200 more students.”

For the past few years, COVID-19 has made it difficult to hold a normal prom. As a result, there has been an increase in enthusiasm in attending the event.

“I think honestly the excitement of having a prom this year comes from it being the first normal one for the first time in three years,” said Dickson.

Unlike last year’s prom, underclassmen and students from other schools are now able to come as well.

Prom last year was hosted at North, and featured many additional safety precautions (Caroline Look)

Due to this increased attendance, changes have been made in regards to how food will be served.

“In order to accommodate more [students] than we were anticipating, we switched to the buffet service which allows us to have fewer waitstaff but still accommodate for everyone who purchased a ticket,” said Dickson.

With the change to a buffet-style dinner, there will be a wider variety of food options on the menu.

“The prom website has the prom book’s updated food list,” added Dickson.  “There’s way more options including dessert and all of that.”

Junior tables have had to undergo adjustments to maximize the amount of space used for seating. 

“We needed to fill every single seat. Some tables were split up, but it was only junior tables, this happened to ensure that seniors’ experience was as seamless as possible,” Dickson explained.

Student Council sold 709 out of the 710 tickets available by the Friday, April 15 deadline. While unexpected, there was no overbooking, and everyone who completed the required steps by the deadline will be able to attend with no issue.

“Be open to new experiences and be excited,” said Dickson.