Dr. Paul Gordon to Begin as New D303 Superintendent July 1


Paul Gordon

Gordon is currently the superintendent of Wenatchee School District.

Addie Grimm, News Editor

Dr. Paul Gordon will begin as D303’s new superintendent as of July 1, replacing Dr. Jason Pearson, who will become the superintendent of Northbrook District 28. 

Gordon has extensive experience in education, being a former high school football coach, a middle and high school reading teacher, middle school assistant principal and principal and chief academic officer. More recently, he worked as the superintendent of Glen Ellyn School District 41 for six years and is currently the superintendent at Wenatchee School District, in Washington. 

“My love for [education] started with coaching, and I really knew that I wanted to work with students. And that really just drove me to really loving education–becoming super passionate about education and working with students from all backgrounds and experiences,” said Gordon. 

To be chosen for this position by the school board, Gordon went through two rounds of interviews with the board members, which focused mainly on his vision for D303, which is centered on emphasizing student voice. 

“I’ve learned to listen a lot more than speak. I’ve learned to listen to students a lot more. And I’ve learned to elevate the voice of students…too often we forget about our students. And we forget to ask them the questions,” said Gordon. 

Gordon will begin as D303’s superintendent on July 1 and plans to immediately start establishing the connection and communication with the school board. Once the 2022-2023 school year begins, he has plans to be present in D303 schools as well. 

Gordon currently makes it a priority to be in every school in the Wenatchee School District once a month, and will carry that policy over to D303. 

“It’s important that I’m in schools, seeing students, seeing staff, seeing how our buildings are run,” said Gordon. “It’s important for me to be out at our transportation hub. It’s important for me to be in our cafeterias. It’s important for me to see what our custodians are doing, or mechanics are doing.”

As superintendent, Gordon expects to be very present and involved in the culture of D303 schools. 

“I knew I could support and help and be passionate about being part of the D303 family,” said Gordon.