The Process Behind the Homecoming Class T-Shirts


Addie Grimm

Students model the 2022 Homecoming t-shirts

Addie Grimm, Magen Kranz, and Tess Arendt

Every year, Student Council is in charge of the design and distribution of the Homecoming class t-shirts. 

Homecoming week begins on Monday, Sept. 26. The spirit day on Monday is class color day, and everyone is encouraged to wear their class color, which can include their class Homecoming t-shirt.

“We each follow a color scheme: red for seniors, green for juniors, sophomores are yellow and freshmen are purple,” said Joey Torelli, 2024 Class President. 

Student Council began the brainstorming process for the t-shirts at the end of last school year and continued into the summer. 

“Usually, we’ll just sketch on like a piece of paper; we have some like pretty artistic people in our class. So we’ll come up with a design either on paper, or some people will do it on computer … And they’ll put together a sketch, and we’ll send it in and let the designer do the rest,” said Natalia Petrucci, 2023 Class President. 

While Student Council members are designing the class shirts, they follow specific guidelines and a rubric given to them by Student Council advisers who later review the design. 

“We have to make sure we incorporate, obviously, our class color and our class, our class name, and we also have to go off the theme,” said Petrucci. 

Since the freshman class doesn’t have a student council before the t-shirt’s deadline, a few freshman students are invited to come in and give input about the design over the summer. 

After the initial brainstorming phase is complete, the freshman class sends it to American Outfitters Ltd. to make the final design. The final design is checked by Student Council before being printed. 

Student Council works hard to make a shirt that pleases everyone and will encourage North spirit during Homecoming week. 

“I think the biggest challenge we face is finding something that everyone will like and everyone will kind of enjoy because I know no matter what, you’re gonna have some people that don’t really appreciate the shirt, but it’s just trying your best to find something that everyone will wear and everyone thinks is cool,” said Petrucci.