The Importance of Safety with Halloween Costumes

Addie Grimm and Natalie Hannah

Every year on Halloween, North students have the option to wear costumes, although it is not required. However, with the fun of tricks and treats come a few school rules to keep everyone safe. 

While students are encouraged to dress up, their costume cannot obstruct their face from view, which includes full-face masks or excessive makeup/facepaint. 

“The biggest thing is the mask. Just not covering your [face] or where you’re not recognizable,” said Maya Chavez, Dean of Students. 

It’s also important to follow the school’s dress code, which did have some changes going into this school year.  

“Dress code still applies. So it has to be something that covers your front and your back and the sides,” said Chavez.

Costumes also cannot be offensive to anyone’s identity. It’s important to continue to respect all students at North, even on Halloween. 

If students are found not in compliance with any of the regulations surrounding costumes, they will be asked to come down to the dean’s office. If the costume is found to be offensive, they will be asked to change into clothes provided by the deans, or they will call home to have clothes provided for them. 

“Kids at our school are really good about wearing school-appropriate costumes. And we haven’t had [issues with costumes] to where we needed to implement new rules,” said Chavez. 

It’s necessary for North students to wear appropriate costumes at school to make sure everyone feels safe and respected.

“We just want everybody to be safe and [know] it’s someone that belongs here at school,” said Chavez.