Camille Sabau and Norah Dorrance Compete at State for Girls Cross Country


Shari Hayes

Sabua and Dorrance at the state meet.

Magen Kranz and Addie Grimm

Junior Camille Sabau and sophomore Norah Dorrance competed at the IHSA state meet for cross country on Saturday, Nov. 5 at Detweiller Park in Peoria, representing St. Charles North. 

Dorrance placed 67th overall with a time of 18:59.36. 

“I personally think it went really well, because the weather was actually not the best. It was so muddy… thing is, it was really slippery, and I slipped a couple of times. So everyone was about a minute slower than usual,” said Dorrance. 

Sabau finished with a time of 19:56:57, placing 157th. 

“I was a little disappointed with my performance but still just happy I made it and got the experience to run at state,” said Sabau. 

The team and coaches as well as family members made the trip down to Peoria to support them at their race.  

“Coach Hayes, and then my other coach, Coach Davis, went down with us to support us. And then both of our parents came down as well. And actually, our whole girls team came down and supported us too,” said Dorrance.

Before the state race, emotions were high. Each competitor felt slightly different, but after finishing, they both felt a sense of relief. 

“I was really happy just to be done with it…because anything can happen. You can slip and hurt something. So I was happy to finish,” said Dorrance. 

Both athletes find running as a way to clear their minds. 

“It’s just a time where I don’t have to think about anything. I can just get in the zone and just have fun with it,” said Dorrance. 

Dorrance and Sabau are striving to run at state again next season and have already set goals for themselves. 

“I obviously want to make it to state again. I’m gonna try and go in the lower eighteens. And honestly, just enjoy my last year in cross country,” said Sabau.