New Electronic Sign Installed Outside of North


Tyler Moore

Workers install the new sign on April 10, 2023.

Tyler Moore, Managing Editor

Construction of a new electronic sign outside of North began this April. Software for the sign still needs to be initiated, and a brick base will be added according to Dr. Melinda Roberts, Assistant Principal for Student Life.

School administration had planned to have a new sign installed in the spring of 2022 but was delayed due to city codes limiting the dimensions of electronic signs.

“We had to then petition to the city council to be approved for a variance, which they did, but that took months and months and months,” said Roberts.

After the petition was approved, construction started on the new sign. The installation of the sign was further delayed by issues with the previous sign’s base.

“The base was east-west and the sign was north-south,” said Roberts. “So what we did was we turned the base to face north-south and then the sign was north-south.”

The new sign itself was installed April 10, 2023.

“What was supposed to be a quick project that we were going to get done in like four weeks ended up taking over a year,” said Roberts.