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Students Create Media for North Football

Lynn Singh
Senior Jake Furtney reaches for a pass.

As part of North’s football media team, students take videos and photographs as well as create 2D media for the football program. According to Football Head Coach Rob Pomazak, this is the group’s third year.

The football media team was based on programs at the college level.

“So when we look at the climate of collegiate athletics right now, football operations, sports media departments are becoming more prevalent because of social media,” said Pomazak. “You have to have a digital footprint.”

Senior Aaryan Pathak started doing graphic design for the athletic department during his junior year and has gained a leadership role in creating media for the football team and the athletic department as a whole.

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“I told myself junior year ‘just won’t miss out on any opportunities,’” said Pathak. “So this kind of offered an outlet and one thing turned to the next.”

As part of his role, Pathak organizes photographers, videographers, and graphic designers creating media for football as well as other sports.

“The great thing is I’ve been in touch with so many photographers who cover this wide net of sports,” said Pathak.

Making media for North athletics has a hands-on focus which helps students develop both their skills in media as well as life skills.

“It goes beyond football, where it gives you life skills to build your resume and build your personality,” said Pathak. “[It’s] not just a job but your networking.”

Pathak makes videos following the football team’s year with footage from each game.

“Every Friday night, I’ll follow the team. I try to focus more on telling a story,” said Pathak. “It’s more about seeing the unseen, getting those stories getting those pep talks, the rituals players have, what’s halftime like, just a closer look at before and after the game.”

The football media team comes to football games and practices to take photos and videos when they are available. Pomazak hopes to grow the group to be able to cover even more of football.

“In a perfect world, I would have somebody there everyday creating content,” said Pomazak. “That’s kind of what the end of the rainbow looks like.”

Content created by the media team is posted to North football’s account on X, formerly known as Twitter, and the football team’s online program. 

“We have a weekly online program that’s called Story of the Season,” said Pomazak. “I have a company who puts it together … it has all of our photos, all of our videos, and that gets sent out to every parent and player in the [football] program and then anybody else who pays for a subscription and that is where most of that material is being used.”

The district does not allow the football team to have an instagram account; however, Pomazak hopes that he may be able to make one to post content in the future. Pomazak also wants to expand the scope of the team to include announcers for broadcasting and possibly varsity letters for students making media for football.

Anyone interested in joining the football media team can email Pomazak or talk to him in person in the PE department.

“If people are interested, just come see me and I’d love to have a conversation about it,” said Pomazak. “Even though we’re in season, they could join tomorrow and we would take them.”

There are other sports that offer opportunities to create media at North. According to Pathak, students interested in making media for other sports can also email Athletic Director Joseph Benoit.

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