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Homecoming Proposals: A Cute Way to Show That You Care

Lynn Singh
Homecoming proposals often consist of a poster and some flowers.

Everybody loves a big romantic gesture; whether it’s a dozen roses or an intimate date night, it can always bring a cheesy smile to your face. The high popularity of rom-coms shows how we all crave those butterflies in our stomach. Young love is a common trope in lots of stereotypical teenage movies, and nothing makes us feel closer to those fairy-tale stories than receiving those same romantic gestures ourselves. 

Homecoming proposals are one of those notions that allow us the chance to feel special. They originate from the trend of “promposals,” where a student asks another to the formal spring dance. A common ”HoCo” proposal consists of a pun plastered on a poster board accompanied by a bouquet of flowers. These proposals can range from small signs to showy presentations. The tradition is an exciting way to ask someone to be your date to the dance. 

Many may think these proposals are too much and over the top, but we beg to differ. We find that these passionate actions are the opposite. These gestures are often endearing, becoming a cherished memory for both the proposed and the proposee. They inspire the students to get creative; crafting based on their partners interests. The most popular ones lately are music inspired proposals, using lyrics they relate their crush with. Many rope in their friends or their proposee’s friends into the affair, getting people to record and participate. Some even rope in strangers to help; for example, holding a trail of roses leading towards the proposal. 

Homecoming proposals can also make someone feel more appreciated; it’s a way to show someone that you care. The amazing thing about these proposals is that they can be as simple or as over the top as you want. If someone doesn’t like being super public, then showing up and asking them personally with some flowers or a small gift may be the way to go. Inversely, a more grand, public proposal with lots of parts may be the right fit for someone else. The entire experience is so customizable, meaning there is something for everyone who gets a proposal.

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Homecoming week is one of the best weeks in high school for many students because it gives us a break. It contains small games, parades and a bunch of chances to engage in school spirit. All of these opportunities give students the chance to recreate those traditional teen memories shown in movies; decking out in school spirit, singing in the student section and those awkward pictures with your homecoming date. Asking someone to homecoming is a perfect way to solidify those memories, giving us a chance to feel like a “main character.” 

Whether public and over-the-top or private and simple, one way to really tell our partners how we feel is a cliche proposal to homecoming. It may seem “basic” or overrated, but most of the people involved tend to feel very happy about it. It can be the small things that really make a difference to our overall happiness. In the end, a sweet homecoming proposal doesn’t hurt anyone, and it’s a fun and happy way to show your date how much they matter to you.

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Jadyn Murvine
Jadyn Murvine, Opinions Editor
Jadyn Murvine is a staff writer for the Stargazer and this year's Opinions Editor. She is a sophomore, and this is her second year on staff. Jadyn engages in student journalism because she wants to branch out her extracurriculars and get out of her comfort zone to enhance her writing skills and create articles to share with others.
Lynn Singh
Lynn Singh, Junior Media Editor
Lynn is a staff photographer for Stargazer. She is a Sophomore, and this is their second year on staff. Lynn engages in student journalism because there is something special about capturing moments that bring students together.

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