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The pros and cons of Game Pigeon

Brianna DeWert

For any iPhone user, Game Pigeon is a common addition to your iMessages, whereas phones that are Androids or Google Pixels don’t have it.  Game Pigeon was created Sept. 13, 2016 by Vitalii Zlotskii.  Game Pigeon is a mobile app for iOS devices; it’s basically an extension of iMessages available for free from the App Store.  This app isn’t like normal apps, as it is installed in your iMessages where you can send games to your contacts.  After being released, Game Pigeon grew in popularity overtime, winning #1 in the Top Free Category in the App Store for its first 6 months of release.  Today, students play the multiple games Game Pigeon has to offer, such as 8 Ball or Darts.

Game Pigeon consists of 25 different mini games.  Some of the most popular ones include 8 Ball, Darts, Archery, Sea Battle, Crazy 8, Mini-Golf, Basketball, Knockout, and 20 Questions.  Most of these games are two-player games except for Crazy 8, which can be played with more.  Many of the games have their names changed to different titles.  This is due to the fact that most of the games on the platform are already copyrighted, so Game Pigeon compromises to re-name the games, so they can be on the app.  For example, Crazy 8 is Uno, Reversi is Othello, 4 in a Row is Connect Four, and so on.  

Some games are self-explanatory, while others are made up by Game Pigeon.  Knockout, for example, is a game where both players start with four penguins and must adjust their direction and power to knock out the other penguins on the iceberg.  The player whose penguins have been all knocked out of the iceberg lose.  Another example is Word Bites, where you have segments of letters that you match up in a certain amount of time to create as many words as possible.  The player with the most points from words wins!

To play any game, these games can be sent to a contact just like a normal text.  Once sent, the other person can start and send it back.  Both of you don’t need to be present in the game to play it.  Some people respond super quick, while others take days to respond to your Mini-Golf.  

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The pros of Game Pigeon are beneficial for the people playing it together.  Game Pigeon is known to strengthen connections with friends and even create friendships.  “It’s a good way to interact with friends that doesn’t require actual conversation.” says freshman Sophie Tousignant.   “It’s very easy to access.”  For others, Game Pigeon is a fun way to interact with friends without the pressure of having to start a conversation.  Game Pigeon can be the conversation starter!

Game Pigeon is also known for how simple it is.  The games are fun and don’t take too long depending on someone’s response time.  Even when the game ends, you can always send another!  Game Pigeon keeps tracks of your wins in each game you play.  Personally, I love the calming background music in 8 Ball and Reversi.  If you love Game Pigeon a lot and play it every day, there is Game Pigeon +, where you can get additional perks like more items for your mini avatar and different variations of the games you play.  For example, you can customize the stick in 8 Ball or the ships in Sea Battle.  You can also change the color of the paint in Paintball, buy different things in games like “reveals” in Word Games, and can even create different variations of a game.  Game Pigeon+ is a one time purchase of $4.99 but it is worth it for anyone who uses it often for a little extra.

Some cons of Game Pigeon is that it can be distracting and addictive.  You also have to wait for when your opponent answers back, which can take a long time and can get annoying.   Other times, completing the game itself can take a while depending on how good you are at the game.  For example, the goal for Tanks is to hit the other person’s tank over a tower with different wind speeds.  Even though the game is meant to be short, trying to get the person’s small tank 3 times can take a while.  It can get annoying sending it back and forth without any progress.  It leaves one or both players wanting to leave the game as is and to stop playing it.  

Game Pigeon hasn’t been updated in awhile, and some players are looking for new games to play with their friends.  “There’s not enough good games,” says Amber Behm, senior. “All of the games are very used up.  There aren’t as many updates.”  

Some of these cons can be solved and avoided.  For instance, you can choose a different game.  If a friend sends you a game you don’t want to play, you don’t have to respond to it.  You can send Game Pigeons to friends who respond quicker or were just texting you, so you don’t have to wait a while for a reply.  If you are bored of all the 25 games Game Pigeon has to offer, you can always mix up the games you send.  You don’t always have to send 8 Ball, Mini-Gold, or Darts.  Try sending a game you haven’t really played before, or ones that aren’t as popular, like Shuffleboard or Gomuku.

Though Game Pigeon can be slow or annoying, it’s perfect for a quick game with your friend.  With 25 games to offer, Game Pigeon can serve as either a conversation starter to make new friends, or as a simple, quick time passer to play during your day.

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