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“See You Yesterday”: a romantic adventure through time

Lynn Singh

Don’t be deterred by the hot pink cover– Rachel Lynn Solomon’s “See You Yesterday” is a thrilling, adventure-filled romance novel from 2022 that will knock you off your feet. This book is packed to the brim with suspense and leaves you wanting more after every page. 

The book follows the life of protagonist Barrett Bloom. After a rocky high school career, she is ecstatic about college. However, nothing goes to plan and she has the worst first day ever. Her only wish is to have a ‘do-over’, and boy does she come to regret that. 

This book is not only a romance novel, but a sci-fi book. Barrett Bloom wakes up on Wednesday, Sept. 21 over and over and over and over. She is convinced she is the only one forced to relive this day until she notices Miles Kasher-Okamoto acting differently every day- something nobody else can do. 

Eventually, she corners him and finds out he is stuck in the same issue as her. The only difference is that he’s been living Wednesday, Sept. 21 for months. Together the pair researches to try and escape their eternal time prison. They spend their Wednesdays exploring the world around them and slowly start to bond. 

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Their bond grows as they race closer and closer to the solution of their issue. They share deep rooted traumas with each other and Barrett and Miles’ romance blooms. Will they ever escape? Is being trapped enough if they’re together? The answer will leave readers on their toes. 

This book is an amazing read, as the author’s style of writing flows and makes the book easy to read. The author also writes incredible representation. She features a Jewish plus-sized character as well as an Asian love interest; there’s representation for everyone. The character development of Miles as well as watching the two main character’s romance unravel was heartwarming.  

One thing Solomon does extremely well is the rhythm of the book. Many books with this plotline can seem repetitive since the characters are reliving the same day. However, she changes every day and is thoughtful enough to the point the reader will never be bored. Despite the slow start to the book, the climax is furiously fast. Between the interesting details and the twisting plotline, it was absolutely captivating. 

The crossover between Romance and Sci-Fi balanced well and never distracted from the story. Next time you visit the library, look for the bright pink novel, “See You Yesterday”!

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Lynn Singh
Lynn Singh, Staff Writer/Media Team
Lynn is a staff photographer for Stargazer. She is a Sophomore, and this is their second year on staff. Lynn engages in student journalism because there is something special about capturing moments that bring students together.

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