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North spirit gradually fades out of school assemblies

Brianna DeWert
Students filing out of gym after 2024 spring pep assembly on April 12.

We could all see the students’ disinterest in the recent spring assembly North did. Sitting through the sports announcements, watching a five-second tug of war, and getting used to the dance routines; school assemblies have become boring and repetitive for the students sitting on the bleachers. Students will use this time to sit with their friends, be on their phones, and do anything but pay attention. Unless a teacher is thrown up into the air and flipping across the room, you could see on the students’ faces that they weren’t looking at what was going on. To say the students joined in and sang along to North’s theme song is a lie. I don’t think anyone even knows the song. That says everything.

Years ago, there used to be more of a variety of “acts” in North assemblies. For example, in 2019, there was a break dancing club that performed at the assemblies. In 2016, there was a cheer routine done with a student and their favorite teacher. The dance called “The Flash Mob” has been around for a while, along with tug of war.

School assemblies are tricky to improve. Teachers and staff have interviewed students in the past using surveys, asking how they could raise interest in school assembly games and activities. Many students, though, didn’t know what could be done. Others, though, have ideas.

“It’s exciting when they do decide to do them, but the way they execute them most of the time is pretty mid or messy,” said junior Nara Soudthiem.

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  When asked how to make it engaging, she said, “I don’t know. I remember last year when advertising for a school play, the Spelling Bee, it was actually pretty interesting watching it because I personally felt engaged or just drawn in.” 

Soudthiem wishes she would see more enthusiasm in the crowds but adds that it is hard for the school to get students excited. “I just want to feel like I’m in Highschool Musical, you know?” she says.

Freshman Sarah Raissouni says there should be more interaction and activities between clubs. “Like, their entrance can be more related to clubs and stuff, instead of just the dance team. The school assemblies have no interaction with the crowds either. Barely anyone actually participates.”

Zoe Zeilinga, freshman, agrees with Raissouni, “There should definitely be more club involvement.” Nyla Jessup, freshman, still thinks the assemblies are fun, but she explains, “I would like to see more performances instead of speeches. I think more student interactive stuff like games can be fun!”

Even with all of these suggestions and comments, without a change or improvement to school assemblies, they will remain as they are to students. The same old thing. So what would get students excited and enthused in school assemblies? The answer seems to be more engaging games and activities with staff and students, along with involvement from other clubs. Like Raissouni said, I agree that it would be better if we could learn more about the different clubs held here at. Just like Soudthiem describes last year’s Spelling Bee presentation as fun and engaging, putting together different shows and presentations can be fun for the students to prepare for or watch. This can give them another reason to look forward to assemblies. In the future, theater productions at North can be advertised like last year as another way to inform people to come, along with posters and announcements already done. Assemblies can advertise other school events at North such as Prom or state competitions coming up. I also agree that there should be more games that students can sign up to participate in. This way, the students can be more engaged in assemblies and participate, when there isn’t really a way to now. In middle school, I remember that this was a thing at assemblies. Students were more likely to participate and watch their fellow classmates compete. The same can be done at North!

Though school assemblies can be something fun and different to look forward to, these ideas and suggestions can better improve student’s enthusiasm and involvement when North does decide to do them. Student’s opinions and suggestions should be considered in the future to better improve school assemblies and make them more enjoyable for all North stars. If nothing is changed or improved, dead silence will still be guaranteed when North’s school song awkwardly plays.

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