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AP testing draws near for North students

Logan Harrison
North student studies for upcoming AP test.

AP testing, which begins next Monday, is one of the most stressful times of the year for many students. In one test, they aim to prove the culmination of a year’s worth of studies — one that will impact their college credit and future opportunities. Each year, AP teachers try to act as a guiding light by preparing their students.

Kelcie Great, an AP World History teacher, introduces review into her every-day teaching.

“One month out from the AP exam, I try to do a daily review question where I implement charts and images [to practice testing skills],” said Great. “I also spend two to three days before the test reviewing content from each of our eras of study.”

Great also encourages students to take advantage of teacher resources like study materials and practice tests. 

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“[Practice testing] can really help students with testing for that long. We can’t simulate it in a classroom setting, taking that two to three hour test can really help mimic that environment,” said Great.

Lori Keough, an AP Government teacher, has an additional challenge: her class only runs for one semester. Like Great, she supplements her students’ learning to make up for this gap.

“I set up resources on Schoology, host review sessions, and host a practice test. I think the most important thing with first semester kids is that they’ve forgotten a lot, so [I have to find a way to] get it back into their mind again,” said Keough. 

Keough also recommends different studying strategies for students.

“It’s much better to write it out, be it in flashcards or notes, because it helps with memorizing,” said Keough. “Another great way to review is to try to explain it to a friend or a family member. If you can’t explain different concepts then you have more work to do.”

Keough noted that she understands the outside responsibilities of students, but urged them to do some studying of their own.

“What I found is that if you don’t review, you have a lower chance of doing very well on the test. You have to do something to trigger the part of your brain that has that information,” Keough said. “At some point, it goes on the students, and they have to be the ones to put in the time. I can’t do it for them.”

AP testing is tough, but Keough believes students should be proud of themselves for coming so far.
“You’ve worked hard for a whole year or semester, and you have to have confidence in what you worked on,” said Keough. “You can do this!”

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